How It Works

A breakdown of our general process


1. Consultation

We meet in person, over Skype or on the phone to walk through a series of questions. This portion allows us to get to know each other and gives us a better understanding of your vision, timeline, tone, and personality.

2. Proposal

With the information gathered from the interview, plus any additional materials provided by the client, we draw up a proposal. The proposal includes the following: Must-Hits (elements we need to nail), Tone, Arc, Skeleton, Sample Shots, Colour, Story Board, Shooting Schedule, Locations, Colour Grading, Sample Interview Questions, Inspiration and a Price that reflects the demands of the project.

If you have a strict budget, it's nice to know this limit before we start the proposal process. It allows us to work within those parameters, so that everyone's on the same page. We are more than happy to work with any budget.

3. Shoot

Upon approval, we require a 50% deposit on the project. Then, we tie down shoot dates, scheduling and locations. Typically, projects are shot within a 2-day window, with an additional day left as option for B-Roll or any missing content.

4. Edit

We sort through, and shape the captured content into the final product. This process involves video/sound edits, sound effects, music, colouring and any required animation. During this period, Photo and/or Graphic Design content will also be edited and packaged together.

5. Delivery

The digital media package is then delivered to you within the decided timeframe. We guarantee customer satisfaction and will strive to make any necessary changes the client may see it. If, however, the changes were not part of the discussed product, additional shoot dates and charges will be required.

If you have any other questions, visit our FAQs page or send us an email through the contact page