Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does eastcherry do?

Short Answer: Video, Photo

eastcherry is a production company that specializes in video and photo content for small, medium, and large companies across the world. We also work with graphic design and animation. We're based in Vancouver, British Columbia, smack-dab in the middle of our much-loved Gastown. 

How much does a video cost?


Short Answer: Depends

The price always depends on the scope of the project. As a general rule, our proposals break down by the number of shoot days + the final deliverables themselves.

We love to package together deals that include multiple videos, batches of photos, and even some graphic design + animation work. 

The variation in each project makes it difficult to provide hard numbers. Shoot us an email through the contact page, and we'll gladly put together a price.

Do you work with all budgets?

Short Answer: Yes

Definitely. We've even worked for free.

For us, there are so many ways to value a project beyond just the final price. 

How long will it take?

Short Answer: Depends

Like pricing, the timeline totally depends on the project. We've had same-day turnarounds (Converse) and multi-month sagas (GrizzFit). 

We'll accommodate any timeline. We love all-nighters.

Do you accept editing contracts?

Short Answer: Generally, no

We tend to steer clear of edit-only work. Some companies certainly accept those contracts, and we applaud them for it. With edit-only work, it's easy to fall into a lipstick-on-a-pig situation. For us, we love to be involved in the entire creative process.

We suggest finding a company that will take you from pre-production through to the final delivery. Keeping the entire process under one roof, in our opinions, yields the best final product.

Do you shoot weddings?

Short Answer: Generally, no

However, that being said, we try never to say never! Shoot us an email through the contact page.

Are you willing to travel?

Short Answer: Yes!! 

We'll go just about anywhere. 

Are you willing to subcontract other companies?

Short Answer: Yes

Definitely. It often takes a village. We're lucky to have a great network that's always willing to hop on a new project.

What's the process like?

Short Answer: HOW IT WORKS

Video is so important in today's world. Still, deciding to pull the trigger can be daunting. Check out our HOW IT WORKS page to hopefully get a better sense of the process. 

Do I need a video?

Short Answer: Generally yes

We're biased, but we do believe video is the best medium to get your message across. Today, connecting your audience to the "why" behind your brand is essential to creating a loyal customer base. Video is undoubtedly the best way to do just that.

That being said, everyone doesn't need a video. We've talked potential clients out of videos in certain cases. 

Even if you're in the questioning stage of video-making, contact us through the contact page. We'll gladly give advice.

How many people are in your company? 

Short Answer: 2-4

We usually keep a lean machine of 4 people. Two of us are co-founders, and we generally have two interns at any given time. Depending on the project, we'll tap into our community to complete the project. This allows us to offer much fairer prices than larger production houses.