This project came out of nowhere on a Friday morning. Jessica contacted us with a proposal, and within 6 hours, we had shot and edited this little ditty together. I don't think we've had a project that was this organic. As always, Jessica rocked it in front of the camera, and the red balloons did the rest.

My favourite part of this video is the fact that the shoes are shown for a total of 3-4 seconds. Tops. Again, for us, it's really about getting at the heart, the feeling, the intangible part of the message. Instead of saying "these shoes have rubber soles, and laces, and a logo, and are white with white stitching, and are good for the summer, and are...", we're trying to relay an emotion. 

Gear Used

Sony A7SII

Sony 16-35mm + 55mm

Ronin M


45-second video