As a kid, he'd beg his dad to tag along on trips to the gas station. See, the petrol pump became Evo's (Adam Petipas) access to music -- his record store. Back in the day, the local gas station ran a promo. For every 10 fill-ups, you got a free tape of American music. And this music? It was the exact opposite of pop radio at the time.  The sounds were wavy, funky, and groovy: out-dated by then but entirely new to Adam. He was hooked.

Today, that same love not only persists in the genre itself but also in the method of consumption. Just as he did as a child, he's resisted the modern times by sticking with pure vinyl. To say he has a collection is an understatement. Thousands. Thousands of plastic discs scatter his home, his studio, and even shipping containers. 

We wanted to capture his valiant love for vinyl, his resistance to commercialized pop, and his ability to move a room. 

Energy, vibes. Whatever you want to call it, Evo's got it. He's a staple in our home city of Vancouver, and we were honoured to put this video together with him.

Find out more about DJ EVO and his music here.

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