The Project

We spent a week in Desolation Sound, British Columbia filming with M/Y Oriana. As a protected marine park, Desolation Sound is one of the purest places to sail in the world. The landscape feels ancient, its mountain tops cascading thousands of feet down to the glacial-fed waterfront.

When you add Oriana + Desolation Sound, you can't have a better trip.

The goal of this project was really two-fold: capture the beauty of this place and the feeling of the yacht. Oriana, luxurious through and through, is not a pretentious boat. Instead, it feels a lot like home. With its warmth comes a history as well. It has spent most of its life in the hands of Hollywood's elite, hosting famous faces from all over the world.

So, with all of that in mind, we actually decided not to show a single shot of the interior. By doing so, I think we were able to more effectively target the feeling instead of the thing itself. The absence of interior shots allows the viewer's imagination to float towards the intangible -- towards the experience. 

Gear Used

Sony A7SII

Sony 16-35mm + 55mm

GoPro Hero 5

DJI Phantom 4

Ronin M


Two-minute video

30 social photos 

Harry HillComment