The Project

Today, kids can glue themselves to screens, sutured full-time into the bright lights of flashing pixels. Couple that trend with societal constraints and budget cutbacks on Physical Education, and there's a serious risk to the well-being of these kids. A decrease in physical health spells troubles way beyond the body itself. It's no secret that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and a healthy mind to better choices. GrizzFit creates a sanctuary for kids to play -- for kids to be kids. Now, take it one step further.

Enter 'Coaches as Mentors'.

GrizzFit creates an environment for kids to be heard and to hear advice: a place for kids to be mentored without 'being mentored'. These kids create connections with adults that care and carry passion for being there

In short, GrizzFit is about access -- access to movement, access to play, and ultimately access to better choices. That's why Nike has chosen GrizzFit as their first non-profit partnership in the NBA.

We are born to play. 



Gear Used

Sony A7SII + A7RII

Sony 16-35mm + 55mm

GoPro Hero 5

DJI Phantom 4

Ronin M


(1) 2-3 minute mini-doc

(4) 15-30 second teasers

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